Did you know that two-thirds of the food we eat is dependent on pollinating insects?

There are far fewer beekeepers and bees in Norway today than there were, for example, 50 years ago. However, we are just as dependent on the insects that pollinate our crops today as we were before. So bees are very much an important insect in this respect, and it's a great advantage that they also make such delicious honey that we can enjoy.

Here at Furuholmen, we have established our own honey production facility. They are registered with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and we operate in the traditional way, with a focus on quality, cleanliness, well-being for the bees and the fact that we in Norway today produce one of the world's most natural products in our wonderful honey. Last year, we had a spring honey that mainly consisted of nectar from raspberry flowers mixed with some nectar from trees and other spring flowers, and an autumn honey that mainly consisted of nectar from various heather plants and forest plants.

It is possible that we will experiment with some specialty honeys in the future and also some of our own species honeys when we can. Being a beekeeper is a very exciting life, and we would like to provide more information about honey and bees, so if you come to Furuholmen, feel free to ask for a taste and a chat about honey in the wonderful world of bees.

Bees, beekeeping and honey are something we're really passionate about here at Furuholmen!

Our delicious honey can be purchased in the reuse shop Skattekisten and at Vedtørka Kafé