The location of Furuholmen along the lower reaches of the Glomma is fantastic for fishing and nature experiences. The Glomma, Norway's longest river, is at its widest here at Furuholmen. Here, the river divides and runs in one course down to the mighty Sarpefoss waterfall, while the other course feeds Mingevannet and Vestvannet before joining Ågårdselva. Both courses then end up in the sea, at Fredrikstad.

The part of the Glomma that runs here at Furuholmen therefore constitutes a very large body of water, where you can easily access the river from Vamma power station and then either down to Sarpefossen or into Mingevannet and Vestvannet.

Vestvannet, Mingevannet and the lower part of the Glomma are very rich in fish and also have a large and rich birdlife. There is room here for everyone who wants to experience nature and, not least, try their luck at fishing.

Furuholmen is a hidden gem, which more and more people are discovering because of its magical location, peace and quiet and the beauty of nature. In recent years, we have been visited by local fishing enthusiasts, but there are also more long-distance travelers who are beginning to discover Furuholmen's unique fishing opportunities. For several years now, a local fishing competition has been held here, known as the Pike Festival. In addition, some fishing visitors from abroad have now also started to arrive, with both Poland and Germany represented.

What they all have in common is that they are so enthusiastic about how good the fishing is here in Glomma. The last visitors from Germany stubbornly claimed that Furuholmen had the best pike fishing in all of Europe... Perhaps they were a little colored by the 178 pike they had caught in the 16 days they were here....

But, don't worry... They did "Catch and Release", so there are more than enough fish left for everyone else here too....
In addition, you can expect to meet all the most common freshwater fish such as Perch, Mud, Grayling and the occasional trout if you are extra lucky.
The last years "Pike Festival" has had winners with pike up to just over 120cm in length. All results can be seen on for those who want more info about the competition.

We also have simple boats for hire here at Furuholmen. 14 foot aluminum boats with 9.8hp outboard motors. We have 2 of these, and we also have a couple of canoes and kayaks.  

It is also possible to launch your own boat here, as we have our own boat slip, so you are welcome here both with and without your own boat.
So here at Furuholmen we are looking forward to welcoming more happy fishermen who want to enjoy the wonderful nature and the rich fishing that we can offer here in Nedre Glomma's waterways.

Canoe and kayak rental

We have canoes and kayaks for hire so you can paddle out to one of the islands or discover the Glomma on your own.


Per day: 300,-
Per hour: 100,-

Deposit for canoe/kayak - NOK 2000,-
Cash deposit only!