Events & parties

Vedtørka Kafé

If you want a more "decorated" party, you can rent "Vedtørka". This is the name of our function room / café. "Vedtørka" is about 85 square meters with a large terrace outside and a fantastic location right on the point with Glomma right outside the windows. A path from the large parking lot in the immediate vicinity of "Vedtørka" means that there is easy access also adapted for the disabled. 

This room has a historic feel to it, as it was originally constructed to dry wood. The original slotted floor that let in air from below is still preserved and can be seen as there is a field of tempered glass in the current floor, which is built on top of the original. 

«Vedtørka» egner seg meget godt for alle former for hyggelige arrangementer, fra dåp, konfirmasjon, bryllup, minnestund, firmafest, jubileum eller kanskje bare ett møte i foreningen/laget. Lokalet har plass til ca 50 gjester innendørs, og med den store terrassen som går rundt hele bygget kan det være minst like mange utendørs dersom været tillater det. På «Vedtørka» har vi skjenkebevilling.

Fireplace room

This is a fantastic room. The feeling you get when you stand in here and look out over Glomma through the large glass wall is indescribable. The room is suitable for events for up to 25 people, and is frequently used for confirmations, anniversaries, courses, meetings and as a "support room" for larger events.

The room is equipped with a large TV screen that you can connect a computer to, and after we installed a fiber network in the barn, there is very good Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building.

The old carpentry workshop

It's no longer a carpentry workshop, that's for sure. Planing benches and band saws have been replaced with kitchen fittings and a dining area. Fantastic room, with a unique atmosphere and soul. The room is suitable for events for up to 35 people, and is frequently used for e.g. confirmations, christenings, anniversaries, meetings and courses. It's worth mentioning that it's particularly suitable for cooking courses or any other type of activity that involves cooking, as there are two cookers, two hobs and an industrial dishwasher. How about hiring a chef for your event and being an active participant in the kitchen yourself?

The venue is also suitable as a "support room" for larger events. For example, it has served as both a bar and a cold table for weddings. The room is also equipped with a large TV screen and Wi-Fi coverage as good as in the rest of the building.


This is one large room in the middle of the barn. For summer use only, as it is outdoor temperature at Låvebryggen. Unique surroundings in the fantastic architecture where old-fashioned craftsmanship characterizes the construction. The "room" is suitable for events for up to 80 people. Can be combined with one or more of the other rooms in the barn.

The contrasting surroundings, where the mix of old and new go hand in hand, are truly unique. Everything is in place for a memorable evening here. Wifi coverage as in the rest of the building.


Our fantastic forest lavvo with a fire pit and plenty of space both inside and out is absolutely magical. There is room for about 45-50 people indoors, and the atmosphere is unique when you light a fire in the large fireplace in the center of the lavvo with tables and benches with reindeer skins. 

Lavvoen is suitable for events that are not stiffly decorated, but a little "looser in style". Children's birthdays, 30th birthday parties, boys' and girls' trips, association meetings, hunting team celebrations, outdoor life meetings and 17 May celebrations - these are all examples of the types of events that have been held in Lavvoen so far. A unique and memorable setting for your event is created in this fantastic forest idyll of a venue.